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Hi! I’m Morgan.

You’ve probably gathered that by now.

I’m from the Windy City originally, lived in the City of Angels for a decade, and now I’m a citizen of the world. I took the plunge a few months ago to leave California and travel while working remotely.

This jump sounds scary to many, but having worked 100% remotely running a non-profit, 80% remotely running my own business, and 20% remotely at a tech startup, I haven’t disappointed myself or my clients thus far!

Luckily, I keep growing every day and expanding my knowledge in ways I couldn’t have before my commitment to explore.

My passions and experience are varied, but the common thread is building something & learning while connecting with people. I’m continuing this lifelong pursuit; would you like to join me?

I love a challenge, so please drop me a line with your project or position, and let’s see what we can create together.